If you’re familiar with my blog, you know I love grocery shopping. Can’t explain/don’t understand exactly why but ever since there’s been enough money where I didn’t have to fret whether or not to buy a half dozen porterhouse steaks that happened to be on sale, I enjoy shopping for the food we eat.

One rotisserie chicken made at home…

I go once or twice a week depending on what’s on sale. Fresh fruit like watermelon or strawberries will beckon me more than twice. If there’s a certain quantity allowed at a good price I’m not above stopping a couple extra times to get my limit. We rarely eat out but we eat very well at home, so I spend more than most at the store, usually Meijer (Midwest franchise akin to Walmart but better) although I do my fair share at Kroger and Polly’s.

Tuesday I headed to Meijer but decided to make a quick detour to Kroger because their new sale ad starts on Wednesday and I wanted 3 things before this week’s sales flyer ended (why can’t they do Sunday through Saturday like Meijer)? Bacon, whole chickens and strawberries. At Kroger you have to use their own curtesy card which entitles you to sale prices or you won’t get the savings (not a fan but I do it).

My favorite store for groceries…

So I bought 1 chicken, 2 cartons of strawberries and 2 pkgs. of bacon. Before I left the store I thought the total was higher than it should’ve been. Yup, the checker didn’t scan the bar code for the chicken. Instead she rang it up by hand totaling $8.08. But the bar code (and the discount card) are needed to get the sale price of 99 cents per pound rather than the $1.49 per pound, so I was charged the full amount. Turned back to the curtesy desk, waited in line and explained the mistake. She races from her counter to check out the chicken prices. Comes back and laments, “I can’t find 99 cent a pound chickens back there. Are you sure it’s not in tomorrow’s ad?” “Nope it’s this week’s, that’s why I’m here today. Check the ad, Heritage Farm whole chickens, 99 cents.”

She spots the fowl sale price and asks her supervisor to help get my price adjustment. She owes me $2.71 for 15 minutes of my time I’ll never get back. On to my favorite store, Meijer and I’m not gonna dawdle cause I’ve got bacon and chicken in the Jeep.

Homemade fruit salad for lunch…

My list isn’t long but weird stuff that’s kinda hard for even this Meijer world renowned expert shopper to find. Oyster sauce, powdered milk, fresh Parmesan, minced ginger. I get the big Meijer ad in an email on Friday, a much smaller version in Sunday’s paper. The big ad had this deal: buy 30 dollars worth of Brawny, Clorox and Northern and get 10 bucks off instantly. So they had Brawny on sale (8 double rolls) for $14.99, Northern bath tissue (12 mega rolls) for $13.99 leaving me $1.02 short of that coveted 30 dollar mark (sneaky business people).

You gotta check your receipt-every time…

I mosey around looking for Clorox and bought what used to be a gallon, now 117 ounces (11 shy for those who need a refresher course in how many ounces in pints, quarts and gallons). Hoisted the jug in my cart, got in line, checked out and shuffled my way to the Jeep. As I’m waiting for the air to cool I check my receipt. No 10 dollar discount for my Brawny/Northern/Clorox. Turn off the car, walk back to the curtesy desk, stand in line. My turn and explain missing the 10 dollar off my total. She looks through the flimsy ad and says, “no I don’t see that advertised this week.” “But it was in the big ad in my email. You want me to get the tag hanging on the shelf that explains it?” “No I’ll call someone.” More waiting.

My curtesy person answers her phone, listens, mumbles and hangs up. “There is a sign by Northern, I don’t know why your 10 dollar instant savings wasn’t recognized (sneaky) on your receipt.” “Well I wasn’t sure what kind of Clorox to buy and thought there might be some weird scent or size I had get. I just wanted ten dollars off my total.”

She opens the cash drawer, grabs a ten spot, hands it to me with my receipt. (I don’t know how she plans to justify that transaction but that’s not my concern). I tossed the 10 in my purse, thanked her for the help and walked back to the car before my goose (chicken) is completely cooked. Fairly pleased and smug I start the Jeep, then this thought hit me: I just made $12.71 for a half hour’s work. Dang, that’s more money (per hour) than I’ve made in years. I think I may have a new calling…

3 thoughts on “$12.71…

  1. You shop like Dan, except he has to go through every receipt in the store. We have one store close to us (Freshco) with a policy that if the price of an item rings up wrong, they adjust the difference plus give you another one of the same item for free. Dan’s made out like a bandit there.

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