This Magic Moment…

Most folks over 60 could spout a dozen things that make you feel old, a fair amount of them physical. For me it’s my achy legs and hands, plus age spots, grey hair, swollen joints and wearing glasses for near & far. Everything sags and droops. (Talk about needing a booster) But this is about some of the things that make me feel old I never imagined.

These are the birthday’s I like to remember. Joshua’s 5th, 1980…

1. My kids birthdays bother me (I know they’re reason to celebrate, but still). Twenty plus years ago I was shocked to realize my kids were all in their 20’s. How could they be that old already? I had my first child 2 days after I turned twenty, thus right after my birthday Shannon celebrates hers minus 20. While I’m ok getting older, still not comfortable my kids are aging faster than the speed of light.

This car had thousands of miles on it by our third kid…

2. One of my favorite hobbies/obsessions/pastimes over five decades has been antiquing. Whether it took 3 weeks or 2 years to find the perfect oak dresser was fine with me. The hunt and price dickering are the fun parts. I don’t antique much anymore. We don’t need anything nor have the room, although I still enjoy looking. But nothing will put me in my (aging) place faster than spotting a Fisher-Price pull along toy that I bought for my toddlers in an antique store. Are you kidding me? I swear I bought it for one of the kids a few weeks ago, now suddenly it’s a vintage toy.

Their first stereo system…

3. Who would have thought newspapers and magazines might soon be extinct? I have subscribed to a daily newspaper my entire adult life. I love the smell, the grimy ink marks on my hands and literal feel of holding the newspaper. I noticed its decline maybe 20 years ago when the daily papers went from publishing twice a day to once. Now our local paper offers hard copies delivered 2 days a week, the other 5 must be read on my iPad (not my choice). And there’s never much variation. M-W-F-S’s iPad paper offers 12 pages, never 14 or 16. (Isn’t there ever one day that has more news than that same day of the week during the last 3 years?) Tuesday/Thursday are 20 pages. Every single time. And get this, it’s now printed in Cleveland which is 200 miles from me, but 350 from the Muskegon Chronicle which they also print. Doesn’t seem cost efficient. (And from way out in left field, how come half the obituaries these days are younger than me)?

Season finale tonight. Who’s not coming back?

Three. Over the years, I have regularly subscribed to Good Housekeeping (which never helped with my housekeeping) Ladies Home Journal, Woman’s Day, Country Living, Family Circle, TV Guide, and People Magazine (I stopped reading People when I didn’t recognize/know/or care about any of the ‘stars’ they were touting). Ironically I still get TV Guide although I don’t watch much television. I do enjoy reading about new series/canceled shows/and keeping up with Taylor Sheridan’s busy life with Yellowstone/1883/Mayor of Kingstown, plus his future endeavor of the life & times on 6666 Texas ranch. He could have chosen a better name-it gives me the heebie-jeebies although there is an extra 6 in that equation. And I almost stopped watching Mayor of Kingstown after they killed Kyle Chandler in the first half hour (cheap shot). He’s the reason I started watching it in the first place. No offense Mike, (Jeremy Renner, main character) cause I don’t want to lose my life by dissing him-even in jest.

Let’s hope it’s not Rip or Beth…

4. The music I started listening to in the mid-60’s gives me comfort, good feels, relieves stress and sometimes makes me cry by taking me back to a moment when that song was a big part of my life. (I do listen to popular hip hop tunes on my playlist, but none are as heartwarming or gut wrenching as my oldies but goodies).

Mac Davis-RIP…

Four. Never thought the artists I loved/admired/grew up on/sang along/had a crush on-were gonna die. This does not include the likes of Jim Morrison, Mama Cass, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix who were pretty close to my age when they died, but I was busy young mom and didn’t take the time to mourn them properly or realize what a void they left in their wake.

Jim Morrison from The Doors…

For. I’ve blogged about a couple singers we lost recently who were important in my life of songs like Kenny Rogers (You Decorated my Life) and Eddie Van Halen (Jump). Does anyone remember Mac Davis? He had a variety show in the 70’s, wore turquoise and silver jewelry, had curly brown hair and killer smile (Baby Don’t Get Hooked on Me). He died in the last couple years as did, Helen Reddy (I am Woman), BJ Thomas (Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head), 2 Supremes (Baby Love), 2 Monkees (Last Train to Clarksville), & (Lean on Me) Bill Withers. I never imagined they would be gone. Before me.

John, Ringo, Paul & George. Only 2 remain…

Fore. What got me started on my loss of singers happened in October and I’ve not yet reconciled his absence. Partly from guilt because I was an inattentive fan and didn’t fully appreciate his amazing voice or range (similar to Roy Orbison). He was born David Blatt (he changed his name to join the group-cause it was pertinent). I read his last 20 years were not easy. The group split in 1973, each member with a solo career except for Blatt who continued to sing under the band’s original name. He filed for bankruptcy in 2006 from massive gambling debts and the band’s name was sold for $100,000. The rest of the group (besides David) would reunite under their original name.

Jay & the Americans. Jay is seated on the left…

Foregone. Some of their biggest hits were, Come a Little Bit Closer (you’re my kind of man), Only in America and This Magic Moment. His name became Jay Black, the second lead singer named Jay, his band, Jay and the Americans. Head over to iTunes, Amazon music or YouTube and listen to 2 of my favorites, soon you will be ‘Crying’ over ‘Cara Mia, Why…’

8 thoughts on “This Magic Moment…

  1. Mac Davis died! OMG I fell in love six times to his music. One thing I find aging me lately is the interior designers on Home & Garden TV. ‘Mid Century Modern’ is big. They make ‘mid century’ sound like ancient history. It’s not that exotic – I grew up with the original ‘mid century’ furniture and architecture. Didn’t like it then. Don’t care for it now. I am not excited about the comeback.

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    • I’m sorry you had to find out about Mac Davis’ death from me Anne Marie. He died in 2020, I think he was 78. I sure enjoyed his voice and loved his TV show, plus he was adorable. I watch very little TV on remodeling or upgrading homes. I’m stuck in the same rut of color schemes and most of my furniture is from the early 1900’s. The only change in my own decorating the last few years is less appeal for carpeted flooring.


      • With my lung issues, and living in the dust bowl that is Saskatchewan, I have done away with any fabric possible – our furniture and carseats are leather, blinds in lieu of drapes, and most of our carpet is gone.

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      • I hear ‘ya, Hubs is susceptible to bronchitis, pleurisy and plain old coughs though we stopped smoking in 1990 and which stopped most of the smoker’s cough. But I never realized until you mentioned fabric furniture every chair and couch in our house is leather except one…

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