The Boot…

You’ve been waiting patiently for an update. I know. It’s just been a blah February slump. But it’s time to give you the latest information on the kid who’s a basketball whiz. And my grandson.

I’m anxiously awaiting his electrifying return to the court…

Seems like it’s been a year since I’ve reported any basketball news about Landon. (Drew to the rest of the world) should be making headlines again. Actually, it hasn’t been that long. He was instructed to wear a boot and use crutches for a stress fracture in his left foot for 4 weeks. Starting on January 9th. Right after his phenomenonal, season high 22 point game against Ann Arbor Skyline. As a 15 year old freshman.

It was hard for Landon (or any of us, really) to determine exactly how or if his foot was healing. For the past 2 years, the only time his left foot caused him a lot of pain was when he was doing amazing things on the basketball court. So, with the protection of wearing the boot and the help of crutches, his foot felt pretty darn good.


Friday’s opposing coach asking Landon when’s he going to be back lighting it up on the court?


Shannon and Tracey took him to the orthopedic specialist on February 5th. Landon assumed he would be cleared to play that same day. As if. Youth with optimism, you gotta love it. Pioneer was playing the other Ann Arbor “big” rivalry, Huron that night. Mom and dad tried to explain playing that soon however, was very unlikely. After having no weight bearing on his foot and his ankle immobilized, they couldn’t imagine he could just go out on the court and play strenuous basketball immediately.

First item of business, a new X-Ray. Good news. The stress fracture was healing. Bad news. It still had a ways to go. Landon was devastated. Looking at the big picture, it’s hardly a blip on the screen. But when you’re a 15 year old freshman who’s made the varsity basketball team in a humongous high school, and they’re smack dab in the middle of an undefeated basketball season, it’s a whole different ballgame. And when you’ve just started hitting your stride with that close knit group of guys, it’s the equivalent of a lifetime. Doc explained to Landon how the fracture had to be completely healed or he’d be facing surgery to repair it in the future. Maybe during his senior year instead. Plus thinking he might be able to jump back on the court was foolhardy at best. Good way to tear his ACL or break an ankle. Man, could this get any worse? Not much, in Landon’s opinion.


Landon sitting the bench in street clothes. But wearing a shoe finally, 2-12-16…


So this is what Doc proposed. Wear the boot another 2 weeks (piss, moan and groan). But now without the crutches. After one week, Landon could put on a shoe and go bootless for one hour a day, increasing the length of time each day. Following the second week, 2 more weeks of 5 days a week physical therapy. Pretty much sounded like 6 months sentence to Landon.

But he’s already done with week one. Friday night was the first game we’ve gone to since Landon’s been sidelined. He looked weird in street clothes, and used game time for his ‘out of boot experience.’ (More like 2 hours, but at least he was sitting through much of it). I tried to stay focused, but my mind wondered. There was no pitiful little notebook in my hand to track his stats. Around the 3 minute mark in the first quarter, I felt like crying. This was the usual time he went into the game. Geez, I’m as bad as he is about this injury. I know it could have been much more serious. Get a grip, gram.


All dressed up for his emcee gig at school…


When he went on the injured list, the Pioneers were 11-0 and ranked 5th in the state. They’ve lost 3 of their last 6 games. Still respectable at 14-3. Don’t know if Landon’s sitting on the sidelines has made a difference or not. Who am I trying to kid? Of course it’s made a difference. But I may not look at his play quite as objectively as I should. Deric is back on the court after breaking his ankle a few weeks before Landon’s stress fracture was finally diagnosed. He looked good and played well.


These guys! We were playing Bedford Kicking Mules! So the student section dressed like this…


Landon’s managed to stay busy during his recuperation. He was chosen to be the emcee at Pioneer for a program during Black History month. He looked positively fetching. Then he got a new “do” which also looks pretty darn cute. Decided maybe a new girl in his life might be a welcome distraction. Then promptly forgot about the one subject in school giving him trouble. Algebra. Ugh. Now dad’s been all over him like a cheap suit on that little issue. Landon’s been mentioned a couple times in the sports section of the Detroit Press. I kid you not. An article about Michigan’s top high school freshman, making big impacts on their respective basketball teams. Also, he was on some ESPN Twitter site that I can’t even begin to understand. I hope it doesn’t go to his head, but truthfully, it’s gone to mine.


Detroit Free Press, Jan. 18, 2016…


If the healing continues, and he breezes through therapy, studies a bit harder to get mom and dad off his case, Landon might play in a couple games before district tournament. This is driving me nuts, so I can just imagine what’s it’s doing to him. He looked fairly miserable during the game Friday night. Being a good team player comes other responsibilities too. Another lesson where he may have needed a refresher course. He’s a good student and a great kid. Just needs to focus on the big picture. As does his gram…


No, not a scar. Maybe a Nike swoosh???


6 thoughts on “The Boot…

  1. Heartbreaking for Drew ( and Gram ) to have to sit out so long. My son-in-law was born in the UM hospital which, according to him is now the site of the basketball complex ( never did ask what happened to the hospital ). He moved to Cape Cod as a kid but is a staunch UM fan. I showed him your posts about Drew and we are now committed to following his career ( through you ) hoping he'll wind up a Wolverine 😀. Time will tell, Denise. Paul Naves


  2. Oh Paul, so far Landon has shown no interest whatsoever in any school in the Big 10. Hurts my heart! How am I supposed to get to every college game if he plays for Florida, Duke or Kansas? I want him to be an Iowa Hawkeye of course, and Shannon graduated from Michigan State. If you've read my blog post called Plaid Pants, you know how I feel about U of M, but if he got a scholarship, I guess I'd have to grin and bear it. Well that's years down the road, now he just needs to play high school hoops. Though he will be playing on a travel league out of Cleveland once he's done with Pioneer's season. It's sponsored by LeBron James. So you will be hearing more about his basketball escapades. I appreciate your comments, with or without diamond question marks…


  3. Yes, Denise, I had read Plaid Pants ( I've read all of your posts ) but obviously didn't remember the content ( old age ? ) or my comment would have focused on something entirely different. WOW, I really goofed, didn't I ? BTW my son-in-law's favorite football player is…oh, never mind, it's not important. BTW again, years ago I adopted Iowa as my team to root for in football. Forrest Eva…. ( can say it, can't spell it ) was the coach and they were good years !Please keep writing, Denise. I really enjoy your posts ( may be repeating myself here ) and just wish they were as frequent as they used to be. Thnx. Paul


  4. I didn't mean anything by The Plaid Pants comments. My son-in-law (Landon's dad) Tracey is a huge U of M fan though he didn't go there, so it's bragging rights between them and Iowa for football and basketball. I hope all your rooting for Landon helps. I don't remember any Iowa football coach before Hayden Fry. And I will keep on writing, but you're right, the stories are farther apart. At first, there were so many stories in my head, I couldn't type fast enough! But after about 120 posts and probably a couple hundred thousand words, maybe my head is finally nearing empty. Sure hope not, I really enjoy it. Since I'm the Storyteller, I gots to have stories in my head to tell. Go Hawks…


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